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The Mississippi River is a major player in Sara Groves‘s latest album, Floodplain, released in the fall of 2015. The album’s title track, “Floodplain,” was inspired by the intersection between what Sara had learned about immigrant life on the Mississippi floodplain (before the city built walls along the river to prevent flooding) and her own struggle… Continue reading { punctuate : floodplain dwelling }

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Once upon a time (approximately eight or ten years ago), I took a Multiple Intelligences test. If you’re not familiar with the theory of multiple intelligences, then I encourage you to read up about it, because it’s entirely fascinating and very helpful for understanding yourself—how you interact with and process information—and it can also improve your… Continue reading { punctuate : music }

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Last May, Christa Wells and Jess Ray teamed up to do a joint giveaway in celebration of the release of Jess’s first full-length album, Sentimental Creatures. The giveaway was a hard copy of that new album and of Christa’s most recent EP release (February 2015), Covers. I already had a copy of Covers, so at first I didn’t… Continue reading { punctuate : perception }

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The first time I heard Chris Tomlin’s song “Good Good Father” was during church at the beginning of January. That was a difficult Sunday: I was dealing with some tedious emotions related to transitions happening at work, and I just couldn’t see my way through them that day. I knew Pops had been taking care of… Continue reading { punctuate : perspective }