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Sometime in 2010, I stopped journaling. That year began with my departure from the foreign mission field in Mexico, continued through transitioning into a a stateside admin role and international discipleship via phone and chat services, and ended with work as a full-time nanny to triplet preemie infants. Woven throughout those milestones was an online… Continue reading { punctuate : chronicles }

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{ punctuate : dancing with fear }

When I left for work yesterday, I was feeling the need for some soul soothing, so I decided to listen to another episode of the STORY Podcast, which never fails to provide positive nourishment for my mind, creativity, and spirit. Before they launched into the pre-recorded interview with writer, artist, and speaker Amber Rae, podcast… Continue reading { punctuate : dancing with fear }

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{ punctuate : wonder therapist }

Last week marked my two-year theraversary—that is, the two-year anniversary of my first session with Wonder Therapist (she really is so wonderful!). Technically, the date was October 14, 2014, but I meet with her on Tuesdays, so this year the date was October 11. Life being what it is, my first appointment in October was canceled… Continue reading { punctuate : wonder therapist }


{ lenten reflections : resurrection and defeat }

Sunday was Easter—or as I prefer to call it, Resurrection Day! It is the eighth and final day of Holy Week, and it marks the end of the season of Lent. Why is it significant? Because it commemorates the Sunday almost two thousand years ago on which Jesus, the Son of God and promised Messiah, rose from… Continue reading { lenten reflections : resurrection and defeat }


{ lenten reflections : rebellion and intervention }

Today is Saturday, the seventh day of Holy Week and of my daily reflections on the events of that week. That Saturday was the only full day that the incarnate God of the universe spent in the tomb. There was still no breath in His body, and all of creation was holding its, waiting to see what would happen. Even… Continue reading { lenten reflections : rebellion and intervention }