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Last week marked my two-year theraversary—that is, the two-year anniversary of my first session with Wonder Therapist (she really is so wonderful!). Technically, the date was October 14, 2014, but I meet with her on Tuesdays, so this year the date was October 11. Life being what it is, my first appointment in October was canceled… Continue reading { punctuate : wonder therapist }

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September and October were never very significant months for me. They didn’t really contain much when it came to yearly calendar events. That changed two years ago from yesterday. (NOTE: While the date in 2014 was September 22, it was a Monday, and for some reason, this time it is the day of the week, not… Continue reading { punctuate : anniversaries }

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{ punctuate : ampersand living }

Oxford Dictionaries has produced an online quiz that determines what punctuation mark you are. I don’t need to take that quiz, because I already know the answer: I am an ampersand (&). Welcome to the world of a grammar nerd. Please keep arms and legs inside the ride at all times, and be sure to buckle… Continue reading { punctuate : ampersand living }

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Once upon a time (approximately eight or ten years ago), I took a Multiple Intelligences test. If you’re not familiar with the theory of multiple intelligences, then I encourage you to read up about it, because it’s entirely fascinating and very helpful for understanding yourself—how you interact with and process information—and it can also improve your… Continue reading { punctuate : music }