About Me

    Once upon a time, there lived a girl. She was a survivor and a thriver, a nurturing soul, a creative spirit. She grew up and got her degree, lived in a lot of places, enjoyed doing a lot of different things. She determined to enjoy her work by doing the things that made her come alive, that ignited passion and excitement in her, that made a difference for someone, somewhere. She made friends wherever she went. She discovered that the world was full of kindred spirits and that she carried her “home” with her in her heart. She celebrated her roots and made good use of her wings. Believing that life held limitless opportunities for adventure and discovery, she set her mind to seize every one that came her way, because “today” is all she has and, after all, why not?!

    That girl is me. Welcome to my story.

    My name is Amber—or “Ams” to my friends. I am creative, complex, and insightful. I have a lot of interests, hobbies, and “jobs.” Some of them are purely for the fun of it, and some of them also pay the bills. All of them are avenues for me to express the different facets of who I am. All of them help me understand and tell my story.

    I have a passion for stories: books, movies, TV shows, fiction, non-fiction, oral history, or simply recounting the hilarity of life over coffee with a friend. Every story is important, and every story deserves expression. Especially the “real” stories. More than epic adventures or fairytale endings, the real stories that inspire and change us are found in the everyday working out of who we are and how we leave our mark on the world, on the tapestry of time.

    Nanny. Editor. Web-design tinkerer. Reader. Singer. Traveler. Story-er. Mentor. Missionary. Coffee-lover. I’m just a person like everyone else, living my everyday life all the way, telling my story, hoping that by doing so I will help others figure out how to tell theirs as well.

    “We are all stories, in the end. Just make it a good one, eh?”
    ~The 11th Doctor

    “A civilization that forgets how to tell its story crumbles and dies.”
    ~SJ Murray