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Christa Wells, one of my favorite indie singer-songwriters, recently released a new EP, which as one of her Patreon supporters I had early access to and have been enjoying for a few weeks now. (If you want in on future perks like this, you can support her here!) The title song, “Hatteras,” is one she had written quite a while ago but never recorded. It’s release now is certainly timely and absolutely providential for me—a thing my therapist noted tends to be true about all her music!

What has resonated so deeply with me in this particular song are the lyrics in the bridge:

Some days you just need something to smile about
Sometimes a change of scenery in your head
You’ve been inside for so long, now it’s time to get out
I think you need someone to run to the shore with

There are so many different discussions I can pull from those four lines, but suffice it to say that a change of scenery in my head would definitely be welcomed! I love how this song centers on the need for a break in the toiling and struggling of life, just a few minutes to set the isolation of it all aside and enjoy companionship and play. I wouldn’t say I’m struggling right now, though a sense of internal isolation is a constant companion. But playing is not something I’m very good at prioritizing even on my best days, and the lyrics in this song seem to activate a sense of permission—or maybe freedom is a better word—in my mind and heart to keep fighting for its priority, even if the manifestation of play remains simple and short, as I work at growing in this area.

Suffice it to say, this song is sparking deep things in my heart and also in my imagination, so I am sharing it with you. Enjoy!


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