{ poetry : “healing” }

“Healing looks a lot like repentance”
You say
Turn away
Break the patterns and the chains
Stop the cycle of same old
Same old
Hold on, let go
Even when you don’t know
Make a choice
To stand
Where you once sat
In the back
Speak what you know
Even when you’re all alone
When no one hears
No one sees
Will you do it in obscurity?
When it’s just you and me
And that tree over there
Groaning to declare
Tell the story!”
Who cares what they say?
Don’t back away
This is your day
Hold court
Defy the fear
Unwrap the hurt and let them hear
Verdict’s in: truth wins!
Freedom spins and weaves a tale
Of hand to plow
Of turn around now and walk
Dig a trench
Plant forgiveness in tears
One seed
One seed
One seed at a time
Row by row
Healing is slow
The ground is hard
To break
You watch and wait
In the Son
The only one who brings light to the dark
Who tills the heart
Brings rain to water pain
Never sown in vain
Where silence once reigned
The voice of one:
“Well done.”

You have heard it said,
“You made your bed
Now in it lie
No matter how hard you try
This is your life
Crippled, maimed
Deaf, dumb, blind!”
But I have said,
“Arise and walk!
Be strong, take heart
No longer weak
Open your mouth and speak
Take up your pen and write
You have a voice
Like repentance
Healing is a choice

© 2016 Amber Crafton. No part of this post may be reproduced for any purpose without express written consent from the author.


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