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I had several things I was trying to choose between for today’s post. Please forgive me for not posting any of them. I just found out a little while ago that one of my precious aunts passed away last night unexpectedly.

Rather than try to  fight the effects of grief and then beat myself up for losing, I choose instead to simply ride them out and be grateful that God in His perfect knowledge saw fit to gift me a completely unscheduled weekend in which I can let grief be what it is without having the pressures and demands of life and work trying to hurry me through the process.

But please know this: I. Hate. Death. And I believe that is a God-ordained, God-originated hatred. Death is a reminder of all the ways creation is broken, a reminder that things are not as they should be, that we are not as we should be. Lent reminds me that centuries ago, Jesus came and served Death its eviction papers. Death’s days are numbered, and one day I will dance exuberantly on its grave, together with my grandmother, brother, and aunts, and celebrate unfettered the reality that we will never, NEVER experience the likes of it again, nor even suffer its memory!

Now, if anyone needs me, I may be found sitting on the couch with Pops, maybe crying but definitely stitching, and letting life be what it must be . . . for now.


2 thoughts on “{ death }

  1. Sorry for your loss. I too am reminded of death this week as a family friend passed away at the wonderful age of 94 and then again Friday night when we got news that Ryan’s uncle was driving his semi and a car crashed into him taking out 4 of his tires and the gas tank. The lady driving the car didn’t survive. It’s so sudden and she’s gone. My prayer is that God would use these situations to bring more people to Himself. He used the death of His precious son for His glory and our good. May He use these deaths to bring more people to LIFE in Christ. Praying that you find comfort today.


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